Verified Creator status bar

When you see a status bar from the image above on the download page with the author's nickname, it means that ModsFire verified that account.

What does it mean?

If an account is verified, it's the official account i.e. official file of a creator, website, or company. Verified accounts help distinguish official files from other files with similar names on ModsFire.

What benefits?

Each verified account gets unique features:

  • • Verified status bar on the file download page.
  • • Higher rates. ModsFire Creators support programm.
  • • Backlink in the status bar to social media or website.
  • • Download page customization. (soon)

Is there any minimal requirments?

No. You need only be able to prove/prodive info that you are creating mods/soft/models/etc for a game(s).

How can I get the Verified Creator status?

You need contact us to receive further instructions. Usually verification takes a few days. Does not require a personal information or documentation.

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